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Technology Innovation, Sustainable Development

Innovator in tube ice machine & aluminum direct block ice machine

Linsky is the pioneer leader in the standardization design and manufactures of tube ice machine which also develops direct refrigeration technology in block ice machine system and make huge success in the market.

We know a company must innovate to develop. In Linsky company, innovations are rapidly implemented to further optimize productivity for our customers. Research and development department are always focus on the most front-line technology, the latest market information and the best feasibility to application. Linsky engineers are also devoted to the research and development of new environment-friendly machines and specialty design with high-quality and energy-saving.

Access to latest information, innovative design, long-term experience and listening to the needs of our customers is how Linsky's product range has consistently grown and been further developed since 2004.

The Most Advanced Technology

Linsky focus on cultivating versatile talents. Our engineers own the knowledge and skills of refrigeration, electrical and mechanical at the same time. Hence, every engineer has the ability to complete all design and research whole unit of refrigeration device. It can improve the reliability of the equipment by integrating comprehensive knowledge.

Top Brands Components

We produce the high quality but not luxury refrigeration equipments. We must make sure the reliability of our products, so 80% of Linsky parts we choose imported ones and from international famous suppliers: compressor brands such as Bitzer, Manevrop, Tecumseh, Frascold, Sanyo, Boke; refrigeration accessories like Hansen, Danfoss, Emerson, Sporlan, Saginomiya etc..

The Strictest Quality Management System

We not only strictly follows management system ISO90001:2000, but also creates more strict equipment rating certification for Linsky refrigeration products. Linsky certification aims to evaluate and improve products in the aspects of refrigeration design basis, refrigeration components configuration, refrigeration route design, system control process, mechanical design, system C.O.P and reliability etc.,.

The Most Optimum Cost Performance

No reliable machine performance, no mention cost performance! Linsky provides the most optimum cost and most suitable product/solution to the clients at the premise of reliable system.

The Warmest Customer Service

Reliable quality is more important than considerable service. Choose Linsky, you will have both reliable high quality products and considerable service. You are welcome to experience Linsky customer care service. We have great confidence in our products so that is why our warranty time is double than that of others.

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