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Linsky can offer 3 types of block ice machine for different applications: direct refrigeration aluminum alloy type, indirect refrigeration brine type and containerized mobile type.

Block Ice large cube shape, weight of 1~200kg, solid ice; Block ice is the largest ice in all the ice products. It is not easy to thaw due to its small contact area. And it can be crushed into different shapes of ice according to different requirements. Linsky offers transparent, semi-transparent or milky white three ice appearances available.


  • Transparent ice features: crystal, solid and not easy to melt;
  • Semi-transparent ice features: misty white appearance as a few amount of gas mixed in ice making process, ice is solid and not easy to melt;
  • Milky white ice features: milky white as lot of gas mixed in fast ice making process, low temperature, not easy to melt but suitable for crushing.

Block Ice Applications fishing industry, fresh keeping or human consumption after crushing; transparent one used for ice sculpture, ice show etc.; it also can be used in the area of chemical industry, food processing cooling.

Brief Introduction

Block Ice Colors & Sizes

From block ice appearance, Linsky block ice machine could produce transparent, semi-transparent and milky white block ice; In the aspect of weight and dimension, Linsky standard block ice weight and dimension are listed below for your reference:

Ice Weight Dimension
5kg/pc L100×W100×H580mm
10kg/pc L200×W100×H580mm
15kg/pc L240×W125×H580mm
20kg/pc L250×W125×H780mm
25kg/pc L290×W125×H780mm
30kg/pc L350×W125×H780mm
50kg/pc L450×W160×H780mm
50kg/pc L330×W220×H780mm
100 kg/pc L520×W220×H980mm
* Linsky can customize your block ice machine, telling us your desired weight and size of produced ice, color of ice and ice making time!
Block Ice Making Period

Ice making time has direct relation to its evaporating temperature of refrigerant and ice thickness. The lower evaporating temperature, the faster ice forms and the whiter the block ice looks like.

With many years' of ice machine manufacturing experience, Linsky has rich experimental records and data in block ice making period. The standard ice making period is shown as follows:

 Thickness(width) Transparent ice Semi-transparent ice Milky ice
100mm 14 hrs/batch 06 hrs/batch 05 hrs/batch
120mm 20 hrs/batch 08 hrs/batch 07 hrs/batch
160mm 32 hrs/batch 12 hrs/batch 11 hrs/batch
220mm 50 hrs/batch 24 hrs/batch 22 hrs/batch
Remark: the default Linsky block ice is milky white by direct technology, standard working condition: ambient temperature 35℃, inlet water temperature 25℃.

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