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Mine is underground mineral mining channels which can be divided into shaft, inclined shaft and adit. With the deepening activities of mining, the mine depth continues to increase. Due to the impact of geothermal, each additional 50 m deeper, the temperature goes up about 1 °C. Along with the development of mining, the depth of many mines have exceeded over 1000 meters, thus, the ambient temperature will exceed 40 °C. According to the South African gold mine statistics, from 1956 to 1961, the miners working under wet bulb temperature 32.8 ~ 33.8 °C, their death rate caused by heatstroke was 57%. For now, every nations have done a lot of research for the right working environment and proposed a variety of standards, such as dry, wet catarrhal (Kata) degrees (cooling degree), the equivalent temperature, effective temperature, heat index, and stipulated the temperature in miners' working place should not exceed 26 °C.

Linsky pay close attention to the user experience to ensure that the miners have a comfortable working environment and safe production. It is of great significance to us. Meanwhile, after the completion of the project, we feel the glory to get the miners appreciation and gratitude. We believe that research and design of a comprehensive mine cooling system is very meaningful, and necessary. Among the many mine cooling projects, we not only receive the corresponding benefits, but also get appreciation and glorious, most importantly, has accumulated rich experience in mine cooling. We are very pleased to share this joy and research results with you.

According to the actual situation of users, Linsky can provide the most suitable cooling solutions for the customer. The main product in Linsky mine cooling system is Ice Station Central Cooling on Ground and Air Cooler Regional Cooling systems.

Ice Station Central Cooling on Ground

Linsky Ice Station Central Cooling is built on the ground the whole package includes flake ice machine, rake automatic ice storage, and screw ice delivery systems etc. Through screw ice conveyor, flake ice is delivered from ice storage and directly put into the shaft. Ice will be then transported to the icy pool underground via ice conveyor. Close to 0 °C icy water will horizontally supply cooling to air cooler to achieve the cooling for the whole mining environment.

As all we known, every 9.8 m of water column can produce 0.1Mpa pressure. When the mine reaches to the 1000 meters depth, if it is the traditional central cold water cooling system, the water pressure of heat exchanger is up to 10Mpa. Using such a high pressure vessel, there are of great security risks. Meanwhile, the connecting pipe is too long, with higher construction costs.

Ice is the solid form of water; water is the material with largest specific heat and latent heat in nature, capable of storing large amounts of cold to supply mine cooling and will not cause excessive underground drainage pressure. 1kg of ice will absorb 400kj heat, while to increase 1kg cold water from 7 °C to 12 °C only absorbs 20kj heat. Cooling capacity produced by ice is 20 times than chiller.

The Advantages and Features of Ice Station Central Cooling on Ground

  • Flake ice is flake shape, like snow falling which is safe and reliable even down to the 1000 meters underground;
  • Underground icy pool is the coexist of water and ice but with better cooling capacity and have low pressure for pump;
  • Ice has higher cold storage capacity, so only a small amount of ice are required to realize cooling task and it will not affect the underground drainage load;
  • Underground cold water is delivered horizontally, with low pressure, high safety factor.

Linsky Air Cooler Regional Cooling

Linsky air cooler regional cooling usually uses containerized type. The air cooler compressors and other components have been installed in a container. Air coolers and containers are connected by metal hose to realize easy mobility to any working surface. All motors and wirings are explosion-proof completely in compliance with the requirements of downhole equipment.

Linsky air cooler aims to solve high temperature environment for some regional working surface and mining surfaces. Spiral tube heat exchanger plays effective heat transfer efficiency even in the underground dusty environment. At ambient temperature of 40 °C, outlet air temperature can be controlled at below 10 °C.

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