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Ice Is Food. Edible ice has a wide range of applications, mainly used for beverages/drinks mixing; ice cream/smoothies making; for some sugar or recipes, etc. As people's living standards continue to improve, edible ice is in greater need. You can put ice directly into tea, coffee, fruit juice, cola, wine and other beverages.

Tube ice machine, cube ice machine, plate ice machine and block ice machine (direct system) can easily make edible ice provided water source complies with drinking water standard.

Drinking Water

Municipal tap water only after by measures of softening, RO reverse osmosis filtrated and ultraviolet disinfected that can be used for edible ice making.

Ice Machines

  • Tube Ice Machine
    Linsky tube ice machine adopts SUS304 stainless steel evaporator, and all areas in contact with ice, water are made of SUS304. The crystal hollow cylindrical tube ice is mainly used in beverages and drinks. Linsky offers various sizes of ice with capacity from 30kg-100 tons /day.
  • Cube Ice Machine
    Linsky cube ice machine adopts nickel-plated copper coil tube evaporator, complying with food hygiene requirements. Crystal, clear cube ice has the same application with tube ice. Linsky offers several sizes of ice, and has a production capacity from 30kg-30 tons /day.
  • Plate Ice Machine
    Linsky plate ice machine adopts SUS304 stainless steel plate and laser welding technology. The evaporator can withstand greater stress without deformation. The thickness of ice can reach to 30mm. After crushed, plate ice becomes irregular ice particles with sharp edges. They can be put into packaging after using ice screening machine to screen and remove acute edges. Because of its irregular shape characteristics, ice will not stick to each other after packing. The main scope of application is similar to the tube ice. The single evaporator capacity of Linsky plate ice machine ranges from 1-30 tons / day.
  • Direct Cooling Block Ice Machine
    Linsky direct cooling block ice machine uses 6063-T5 aerospace aluminum alloy evaporator, no rust no oxidation, complying with food hygiene requirements. Direct cooling block ice machine can produce transparent and milky ice to meet different customer needs. According to the different needs of customers', we manufacture various shapes of molds and can compress block ice into different shapes, such as crystal ball shape, diamond shape, five-pointed star or moon shape; milky ice is mainly used for the made of smoothies, shaved ice or directly mixed with food in food processing.

Related Equipment to Edible Ice

Automatic Ice Storage

Edible ice machine such as tube ice, cube ice and plate ice machine adopts intermittent harvesting mode, therefore screw type automatic ice storage is capable to deliver 100% ice in the storage to the ice packing machine. Automatically deliver ice in accordance with ice packing machine feeding capacity. This automatic ice storage is like an ice buffer device: store ice for a short time and then pack ice at one time to save labor cost. Normally, the storage capacity of a screw type automatic ice storage is 30%~60% of ice machine capacity.

Screw Conveyor

SUS304 screw conveyor, with the inverter, can adjust the speed to meet actual supply requirement. Linsky screw conveyor longest transmission distances is 50 meters, designed at best pitch and rotary cutting angle to reduce the possibility of ice broken in transport process and effectively improve the ice quality.

Ice Screening Machine

Edible ice such as tube ice, cube ice and plate ice in the process of storage and transport will generate ice fragments. In addition, all ice machines are using hot gas defrost technology, so the water content percentage is high. After pass through ice screening machine, ice fragments are selected out and good shape ice will enter into instant freezer channel to dry out the water on its surface. Dry ice will not easily stick to each other so it is convenient to use.

Semi-Automatic Ice Packaging Machine

Linsky provides two kinds of semi-automatic packaging machine: screw type ice weighing and packaging machine and constant ice volume packaging machine.

  • Screw type ice weighing and packaging machine: it's a combination of screw and weigher; ice is delivered by the screw to the hopper on top of packaging machine, when the weight of the ice reaches the set value, the screw stops conveying, take away the bag and seal bag manually.
  • Constant volume packaging machine: constant volume flips the way; take a certain volume of ice into the machine for packaging.

Fully Automatic Ice Packaging Machine

Automatic packaging machine adopts multi weighing hoppers to realize precise weighing. Meanwhile, collect clutching, weighing, feeding, and sealing etc. all-in-one functions to achieve rapid automatic ice packaging.

Ice Storage

Packed ice needs to be put into the ice storage to prevent melting. Linsky suggests that packaged ice shall be placed in an ice storage of -18°C for at least 24 hours. This can effectively prevent packed ice melt and stick together in the transport and distribution process, resulting in ice loses normal appearance and couldn't be eaten.

Edible Ice Plant Solutions

  • Choose your preferred ice such as tube ice machine, plate ice machine, block ice machine and cube ice machine;
  • Water only after by measures of softening, RO reverse osmosis filtration and ultraviolet disinfection etc. that can be used for edible ice making.
  • Tube ice machine, plate ice machine and cube ice machine needs to be equipped with a screw type automatic ice storage as a buffer, storing a certain amount of edible ice and then concentrated for packaging in order to save labor costs;
  • Automatic ice storage comes with a screw ice delivery system, which can transport ice to the Ice screening machine; after screening and freezing, the dry and sub-cooled ice would enter into the packaging machine;
  • According to the packaging volume and packaging precision, choose a semi-automatic or fully automatic packaging machine;
  • Packed bags of edible ice must be placed in low temperature ice storage to ensure a low-temperature and dry environment, so that ice will not stick to each other.

Obviously, if you want to build an edible ice station, you need a complete production process. Linsky is ready to present you various successful solutions.

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