Linsky is the ice machine leading manufacturer in China and the world



Much attention has been paid on quality and technology progress of Linsky products. When you choose a Linsky product, you do not just obtain the most reliable equipment, each product also incorporates our decades of experience and knowledge of our customers' needs. With years manufacturing experience in ice making field, Linsky can offer a wide range of ice machines for various ice applications.
  • Tube Ice Machine

    "Star" product with comprehensive range of capacity providing high quality performance

  • Block Ice Machine

    Both innovative direct system & solid traditional brine system block ice machine are available to supply

  • Flake Ice Machine

    Linsky flake ice machine can fulfill various ice applications. From fishery industry to chemical industry...

  • Plate Ice Machine

    We have concentrated more than 10 years of our experience in the latest plate ice machine, reliable and energy efficiency

  • Cube Ice Machine

    Nothing's as refreshing as ice cold drinks on a hot day! When you need cube ice machine, we are your go to expert

  • Ice Storage

    Linsky ice storage is very flexible in configuerations, designed to your exact specifications.

  • Accessories

    Water chiller, ice conveyor, crusher, packer, cold room and more fully satisfy your any ice related equipment demands

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