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Aluminum direct block ice plant handles all activities including the production, storage, transportation, wholesale and retail of block ice. The capability of a typical aluminum direct block ice plant can be planned as much as 10~200ton/day but shall be based on the surrounding environment and the actual demand. Larger scale ice production factory also can be designed as per client's requirement.

The advantages of aluminum direct block ice plant

  • Hot gas for rapid ice defrost and in instead of burdensome work like hoisting, thawing ice and adding water in rows by traditional brine system block ice plant, aluminum direct block ice plant could defrost all ice at one time; plus its ice filling plate can be used as pallet so the forklift can stack ice into ice storage or move onto the truck in an easy way, saving a lot of labor cost;
  • Aerospace aluminum alloy evaporator complies with food grade sanitary requirement, hence ice block by aluminum direct block ice machine can be eaten directly or mix with food, beverage and drinks, it is the ice of high value;
  • Large dimension ice block can be crushed into various ice shapes as per clients requirement;
  • Aluminum direct block ice machine requires small use space and less initial investment of an ice plant;
  • Ice block can be put into mass production;
  • Fast return on investment like that 1~2 years can pay for itself.

Target customers of aluminum direct cooling block ice plant

  • Edible ice: Linsky direct block ice is edible and extensively applicable in bars, hotels, stores and smoothie making;
  • Ice in supermarket/grocery market: mainly used for low temperature preservation and display of seafood, meat and vegetable in market;
  • Ice in seafood preservation: all fresh seafood need to be preserved in low temperature to keep them fresh at around +3~+6°C, so a lot of crushed block ice is in great need.
  • Ice in fishing vessels: fishing vessels usually go out for fishing after charging full ice at dock. Seafood must be covered with ice immediately after catching to ensure its freshness
  • Ice in sculpture: Linsky aluminum direct block ice plant can produce crystal, milky color or semi-transparent ice for different engraving use;

Factors when you considering aluminum direct block ice plant

  • Considering transportation cost, the optimum ice distribution distance is suggested within 30km. It is better to build an ice plant near your customer group;
  • Aluminum direct block ice plant needs relative large capacitance. Equipped with capacitance of 3.5KVA per tonnage, and it is suggested to choose the location with time-of-use electricity price;
  • Aluminum direct block ice plant should have sufficient and clean water supply, ice could be eaten directly after by using RO system;
  • Location try not to approach residential area because compressor, cooling tower and ice hoisting device could probably cause noise pollution;
  • Need to contact with your contractor about ice plant land use, especially for the second even third stage plan;
  • Know our local time-of-use electricity price, local labor cost to confirm your ice production cost and price of ice, evaluate your investment on return;

Solutions to a typical aluminum direct block ice plant

A: RO system
B: Aluminum direct block ice plant
B1: Cooling tower
B2: Air-cooled condenser
B3: Evaporative-cooled condenser
C: Ice storage
C1: Refrigeration unit for ice storage
D: Block ice lifting conveyor
E: Block ice crusher
F: Crawler conveyor
G1: Cold chain van

Aluminum direct block ice plant B can adopt three cooling methods, respectively are cooling tower system B1, air-cooled condenser B2, evaporative-cooled condenser B3.

After ice block forms, the filling ice plate will be lowered down to the ground. Forklift can take the ice on the filling ice plate to the ice storage C very quickly and by replacing another filling plate to continue making ice.

When forklift moves ice, buckle rubber strip around the ice on the filing plate so that ice will not fall from it. Ice in the ice storage also could be taken away promptly by forklift to the cold chain van G.

Direct ice block also can be lifted via lifting conveyor D to the ice crusher E, and then the crushed ice will be sent to the packing machine conveyed by F. After packaging, ice can be loaded into the cold chain van G for distribution.

Linsky could tailor made auminum direct block ice plant solutions and investment feasibility proposal according to clients land, capacity and local weather conditions.

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