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We launch this page for the customers considering buy ice machine for the first time. In this page, the information covers the most frequently asked questions and answers about buying ice machine. It would be better to read and ask these questions before you inquiry or buy ice machine, as these questions will help you to choose the most suitable ice machine and work out the most cost-effective business plan.

Q1: I want to start an ice making business, what factors should I put into consideration at the first?

At first, there are many types of ice in the market for different uses. Most commonly used types are tube ice, block ice, flake ice, plate ice and cube ice, each of which requires different ice machines to produce ice. Linsky provides a comprehensive range of ice machines like tube ice machine, block ice machine, flake ice machine, plate ice machine, cube ice machine and custom-make the ice machine to orders.

Then, capacity is the second factor needs to be confirmed. Normally, it depends on your local market demands and your ice storage capacity. It is always recommended to investigate the existing ice factories in your area first. Or to start with lower range ice machines like 5T-10t/ day ice makers and enhance to larger capacity ice machine later.

We also need to know your power supply, including the voltage/frequency/phase in order to choose the appropriate compressor and motors.

Ambient temperature and water inlet temperature can help us with configuring your system, adjusting the machine to the optimum performance.

Q2: Will the performance of ice machine decline, if my location is in hot area?

Temperature is an important factor that affects the performance and service time of all refrigeration systems. Linsky can design the ice machine and adjust the performance per your actual situation, such like installing the CIC modular for the compressors, and special standard condensers in critical ice making condition.

For the condenser, the water cooling type is suggested in general applications below ambient temperature of 38 degrees Celsius, due to its outstanding cooling capacity and stability.

The air condenser is simple, quiet, and compact, however, in some high temperature working condition the performance will decline, and we will need to adjust the system, the cost for air condensed ice machine is about 5% higher than the water cooling type.

Evaporative condenser is widely used in the extreme working conditions, it is also the most powerful and efficient cooling type and is abound 20% more expensive than water cooling type.

Q3. What are the differences of R404A and R22 refrigerant?

R22 and R404A are two different types of refrigerant gas. They have similar performance, but they are very different gas and they are not supposed to be misused in the same refrigeration system.

R404A gas needs slightly more horse power to be compressed so the R404A system ice machine normally has the larger sized components and parts so does the price.

R22 is the greenhouse gas which has been banned in most western countries and will be phased out gradually worldwide. Whereas the R404A is the Eco-friendly alternative allowed to be used in all countries and regions.

Q4: What if my power is not as 380V/50Hz/3P?

Linsky has rich experience in handling such cases, we can specially order these non-standard compressors, motors, electric components directly from the manufacturer, in some case they will air freight the goods directly from overseas if there is no production and inventory in China, the cost and production cycle of machine will be more and longer.

Q5: I want to buy a generator for the ice machine, what capacity should I choose?

Please choose the generator which is 2.5- 3 times of the ice machine's total install power as the startup current goes up to 2.5-3 times of the install power's rate, and this allowance is needed for compressor protection.

Q6: What if I want to produce ice for human consumption and my water quality is very poor?

Linsky has tube ice machines in production for human consumption; each of these plants comes with one filter from factory. However, these filters are only for filtering water to protection of water circulation, distribution and pumps, you will need the RO normally for this needs. We can outsource the RO water filtration device for you according to the feedback of our previous customers' experience.

Q7: Can I choose preferred brand and model for the compressor of my ice machine?

Yes, Linsky is one of the most active players in Chinese refrigeration industry, we purchase large volume of compressors, components, and parts every year, through these well-built connections, we can always order compressors of any brand for the lowest prices, however, longer waiting period is normally required.

Q8: How do I install the ice machine?

Linsky ice machines and refrigeration systems require installation in different degrees of labor involvement, however, we have utilized the modular-design concept in the full range of our ice machine and refrigeration systems, and they all are ski-mounted or containerized. Only few connection works are required in between these modular, the detailed user care and operating manual is provided along with the ice machines, also the video clips, photo illustrations, and real time online or phone support by our specialized engineer.

As optional, we can send our engineer over for onsite instruction, this is part of our free service but the relevant visa fees, return way tickets, food, accommodation, communication, transportation, security are due on clients' liability.

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