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Linsky brings crystal cube and round ice by small commercial capacity ice machine.

Cube Ice cubic shape, size usually in 23mm×23mm×23mm

Features transparent, pure and good in taste

Application drinks mix/ decoration, widely used in hotels, restaurants, bars, fast-food shops, supermarkets and cold drink shops, etc

Cube Ice Machine Features
  • Designed for easy operation and attractive appearance;
  • Years of continuous operation;
  • Hot Freon defrosts ice fast the process only takes 150-180 seconds;
  • The adoption of water drain design ensures cleaner ice and crystallizes the ice by draining out the water into the cold water tank;
  • Evaporator is made of stainless steel to comply with the sanitary requirements;
  • Warranty period
Complete Package 12~15 months
Compressor 3 years
Evaporator 3 years
Condenser 3 years
Cooling Tower 15 months
How to Choose Cube Ice Machine?

We have many years' ice making experience. According to testing and calculating from our professional engineer, it is suggested that a wise choice of ice machine may refer to the following standard. Besides, the peak usage of ice also matters right selection.

Places Daily Ice Consumption
Hotel 450g Per Person
Ballroom 400g Per Person
Bar/KTV 1200g Per Person
Restaurant 1500g Per Seat
Cafeteria 1800g Per Seat

Because of different cooling mode and working environment, it is wise to select a proper machine which has 1.2~1.3 times capacity of standard ice production to meet your actual ice requirement better.

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