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Flake Ice irregular, thin scale shape ice at the size of around 40x40mm, thickness is between 1.5~2.5mm. (Note: flake ice has two ice forms. Scale ice and granular ice, Linsky flake ice machine series mostly refer to the scale ice, granular ice machine is available on request). Flake ice can be made from fresh water and seawater.

Flake Ice Features

  • white attractive appearance;
  • sub-cooled, fast product cooling. Temperature approx. -8℃, with greater cooling efficiency. Fit for perishable product immediate cooling;
  • completely dry, it won't rapidly freezing together in a low-temperature storage bin or clog screw conveyors or pneumatic delivery systems, easier for storage and distribution;
  • large contact area, good mobility, which means large heat exchange surface area, faster and better cooling effect than other types of ice and its flat shape won’t damage the delicate or fragile seafood products;
  • thin piece, easy to melt rapidly and dissipate heat, add moisture to mixtures and assist the mixing process;
  • the thin ice is easy to crush, mold, and shovel.

Flake Ice Applications Fish industry, food processing industry, supermarkets, retail shops, bakery, laboratory, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, medical offices, concrete mixing plants, skiing ground and other entertainment services etc.,

Flake Ice Machine Features
  • Internally-scraping ice remover helps to reduce energy loss, guarantee the supply of refrigerant, and prevent leakage of refrigerant;
  • Stainless steel materials, advanced processing equipment and heat treatment to ensure the best heat transfer efficiency;
  • The large-area design of low water pan prevents the leakage of water from the bottom of the evaporator;
  • Install photoelectric switch at the bottom of the evaporator instead of ice bin;
  • Directly liquid feeding, dry-type evaporation make simple, safe and reliable control;
  • Integrated modular equipment to facilitate installation and maintenance on the spot;
  • Make ice from fresh water or seawater, installs on land or onboard vessels;
  • Ice thickness can be varied by changing the speed of the rotor;
  • Warranty period
Complete Package 12~15 months
Compressor 3 years
Evaporator 3 years
Condenser 3 years
Cooling Tower 15 months
How does a flake ice machine work?

01. Motor
02. Refrigerant runner
03. Water inlet
04. Speed reducer
05. Ice skate
06. Water distribution pan
07. Principle axis
08. Water sprinkler
09. Water return pipe
10. Ice freezing surface
11. Insulation layer
12. Ice outlet
13. Drain pan
14. Stainless steel wrapper sheet

* The diagram of flake ice machine working principle

As shown, motor (01) drives speed reducer (04) running. Ice skate (05), Water distribution pan (06), principle axis (07), water sprinkler (08) and drain pan (13) are driven by reducer and run continuously. From water inlet (03), water flows into water distributor pan (06) then sprinkles water on Ice freezing surface (10) evenly, herein a film of water is formed.

While the ice machine is running, refrigerant evaporate in refrigerant runner (02). The temperature of water decreases quickly till a layer of thin ice is formed on ice freezing surface. Under the extrusion of ice skate (05), the thin ice layer turns into ice flake and then falls from ice outlet (12) below evaporator. And the partial unfreezing water returns to the cold water tank through drain pan from water return pipe (09).

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