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Linsky supplies the following modular ice storage for holding capacities up to 20~200 tons including fully automatic ice rake and screw type systems.

Rake Ice Storage

This ice storage bin supports the ice rake unit clockwise and anti-clockwise so it rises and falls according to the actual ice level. The ice layer can be paved smoothly and therefore use ratio of ice storage can also be increased. A horizontal screw conveyor is usually installed under the end of ice storage.

Screw Ice Storage

All ice could be transport to the ice outlet by using screw ice storage. At the bottom of screw ice storage, screws are put down at a full cover the bottom and no dead ends exist. Top-mounted air cooler with refrigeration system keeps the storage temperature below -10°C, so that the ice is dry and do not form lumps thus ensures constant delivery by screw conveyor or pneumatic conveyors.

All Linsky automatic ice storages have a special designed double-wall insulation which allows a proper air-circulation around the ice even when the ice storage is completely full. Of course each type of ice storage is equipped with an air-cooling unit keeping the storage temperature at around -10°C. Thus the ice remains crisp avoiding problems during the transportation by screw conveyors or by a blowing system.

Features of Linsky Automatic Ice Storage
  • Galvanized steel or stainless steel internal structure material optional, both are anti-corrosion;
  • Automatic ice volume adjustment and automatic control of ice storage and discharge;
  • Excellent drain water system ensures ice storage stable to run for a long time;
  • All axel lubricant could contact food without harm to human;
  • Usually in containerized type, prefabricated in ISO 20’ft, 40’ft container, easy to move and transport.
Installation of Linsky Automatic Ice Storage

Steel base includes stairs, fences as well as platforms. However, the installation depends on customers' venue conditions. The automatic ice storage can be ready to use after power and water plug in, ice machine, ice storage and ice discharge device are in place.

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