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  • Large capacity ice tube machine features modular design which evaporator module can be laid down in transportation;
  • There are 5 standard models in large capacity. The default cooling mode of each model is water-cooled. Air-cooled or evaporative-cooled is available if clients ask for;
  • The large capacity tube ice machine, which capacity ranges from 10 ton/24hrs to 100 ton/24hrs. And this series product also can be customized upon different requirements from client’s actual situation.
Large Capacity Tube Ice Machine Specifications
Model Capacity Refrigerant Operating Power Install Power Operating weight Dimension
LIT-100W 10tons/day R22/R404A 32kw 40kw Unit:1450kg L1800×W1400×H1740mm
Evaporator:1890kg L1200×W1200×H3500mm
Cooling Tower:540kg ∅1580x2205mm
LIT-150W 15tons/day R22/R404A 50kw 65kw Unit:1960kg L2700×W2000×H2250mm
Evaporator:2150kg L1500×W1200×H4365mm
Cooling Tower:670kg ∅2000x2410mm
LIT-200W 20tons/day R22/R404A 65kw 80kw Unit:2350kg L2800×W2200×H2970mm
Evaporator:2450kg L1500×W1200×H4657mm
Cooling Tower:1120kg ∅2175x2565mm
LIT-250W 25tons/day R22/R404A 75kw 100kw Unit:2690kg L3000×W2200×H2500mm
Evaporator:2750kg L2000×W1800×H5575mm
Cooling Tower:1120kg ∅2175x2565mm
LIT-300W 30tons/day R22/R404A 95kw 125kw Unit:2720kg L3000×W2200×H2500mm
Evaporator:2968kg L2000×W1800×H6075mm
Cooling Tower:1300kg ∅2650x2645mm
Standard condition: dry bulb temperature is 35℃ and inlet water temperature is 25℃.

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Brief Introduction

To facilitate installation and shipment, Linsky large capacity tube ice machine features modular design. The whole unit consists of 3 parts, compressor module, evaporator module and cooling tower module.

  • Compressor module: Compressor, water condenser, reservoir, liquid receiver, oil separator, and electric control box are all installed on the steel frame.
  • Evaporator module: The evaporator and its water route system are installed on a steel frame which forms the evaporator module. As evaporator is high when transporting, place the evaporator horizontally and stand it upright when installing.
  • Cooling tower module: Cooling tower, water pump and water pipes. On-site installation and connection is required.

Linsky large tube ice machine are widely used in ice plant, ice distributor center, ice supermarket, fishing pier etc., also used for cooling vegetable, chemical materials and dynamic ice storage system.

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