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Linsky Ice weighing systems are fully automatic and made of stainless steel. Currently we supply screw weighing hopper and pneumatic weighing hopper.

Working Principle

Electronic scale can set the weight of ice. The loaded cirque installed on electronic scale is usually used with ice transport equipment. Transmission equipment delivers ice to the loaded cirque, and then electronic weighing scale will calculate its weight. When reaching the set value weight, the electronic scale gives a signal to transmission equipment to stop conveying. The ice in the cirque scale is poured automatically, waiting for next weighing.

Screw weighing hopper

The screw weighing hopper can deliver the weighed ice to blowing ice delivery system directly and the scope of weighing reaches 200kgs to 3,000kgs.

The specification of screw weighing hopper
Model Max. Ice weighing capacity
Power Supply
Operating Power
LSW200 200 380V/3P/50Hz 0.75
LSW 250 250 380V/3P/50Hz 0.75
LSW 300 300 380V/3P/50Hz 1.1
LSW 400 400 380V/3P/50Hz 1.5
LSW 800 800 380V/3P/50Hz 2.2
LSW 1500 1500 380V/3P/50Hz 3
LSW 2000 2000 380V/3P/50Hz 4
LSW 3000 3000 380V/3P/50Hz 5.5

Pneumatic weighing hopper

Pneumatic weighing hopper can deliver the weighed ice to the aggregate belt conveyor, concrete feeder or the mixer. The weighing capacity ranges from 200kgs to 1000kgs.

The specification of pneumatic weighing hopper
Model Max. Ice weighing capacity
Pipe Diameter
Air Pressure
Air Volume
LAW200 200 8 5bar 10
LAW 300 300 8 5bar 10
LAW 350 350 8 5bar 10
LAW 400 400 10 8bar 20
LAW 600 600 10 8bar 20
LAW 800 800 10 8bar 50
LAW 1000 1000 10 8bar 50

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