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Cold room utilizes refrigeration principle and electricity control system to realize precise control of temperature and humidity for a confined space. This confined room is usually called "cold storage "or be directly called as "cold room". The main parts of a cold room always including: cold room unit, cooling system, storeroom, air cooler and electricity control system.

Linsky cold room mainly keep the food, diary, meet, seafood, poultry, fruit, vegetable, drinks, flower, plant, tea, medicine, chemical material, electronic devices and more at a constant temperature.

Features of Linsky Cold Storage
  • Adoption of sheet metal shell and compact structure, light-weight all make it easy to move;
  • Horn mouth connection like split-type air condition ensures installation quick and easy;
  • Novel thin-wall design makes its installation could be close to exterior wall thus more space saved;
  • Large angle design of fan blade, indention silencing technology and fully closed type compressor which all ensures low noise running;
  • Galvanized sheet coated with high anti-corrosion material can deal with rough weather condition;
  • Refrigeration tubes equipped with in and out stop valve, easy to install and maintenance
  • Refrigerant R22,R404A,R507C etc., are available
Linsky Cold Storage is Classified by Temperature and Applications
Classified By Temperature High Temperature Cold Room Medium Temperature Cold Room Low Temperature Cold Room Ultra Low Temperature Cold Room
Classified By Applications Cold/Fresh storage Cold storage Freezer/Frozen store Instant freezer
Temperature Range -5℃~+5℃ -18℃~-10℃ -23℃~-28℃ Lower than -30℃
Applicable For fruit/vegetable/egg fresh keeping; medicine/wood preserve, cellar etc., Meat/seafood/frozen food preserve etc., Frozen meat and seafood Meat/seafood/food quick-freezing; medicine preserve
Description Temperature in cold store is controlled approach to product itself temperature but a bit higher than freezing point; so the internal structure of the products won't change physically that keep product fresh and prolong its shelf life. Storage temperature is lower than freezing point. Products need to be frozen first, thus its inside water has been frozen and then products be stored at a low temperature. So microbe unable to reproduce that prolongs product preserving time with magnificent effect. Within short time, the temperature of processed product in freezer/frozen store can be lower down below freezing. It is suitable for long-term store. Freezing is one kind of food processing technology. Within very short time, the temperature of processed product in instant freezer can be lower down below freezing. It is suitable for long-term store. Instant freezing is one kind of food processing technology.

*the chart of comparison of various Linsky cold room products

There are many factors to consider before purchasing a suitable cold room. Linsky list a chart of cold room types by temperature and application for your easy selection. For more details, please contact Linsky professional sales team.

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