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Large dimension but small contact area means block ice does not melt easily. For tropical countries and areas, block ice still has overwhelming advantages over other forms of ice. The ease of ice storage, handling and transport all could be realized in this form of large blocks. That's the very ideal ice for the relatively long time storage and long distance distribution. Linsky brine type block ice machines are stable and energy efficient, simple to use and cost-effective to maintain.

Brine Type Block Ice Machine Features
  • Large evaporation area coil evaporator increases heat transfer efficiency, ensures long service time and corrosion resistance;
  • Well insulated brine tank with high resistant epoxide coating;
  • Heavy-duty overhead crane with 2 speeds for moving, lifting and tipping the ice cans;
  • Ice thawing tank utilizes the exhaust heat from compressor, more energy saving;
  • Modular design simplified equipment transportation and on-site installation process;
  • Rivet and reinforced ice cans construction to extend its service life;
  • Unique propeller blade processing technology to improve the efficiency of the agitator, increase the flow of salt water, accelerate ice making speed;
  • Options of stainless steel ice cans and galvanized steel ice cans;
  • Touch screen, reserve function, 3G network remote fault alarm, 4G network remote video monitoring are available on request;
  • Warranty period:
Complete Package 12~15 months
Compressor 3 years
Evaporator 3 years
Condenser 3 years
Cooling Tower 15 months
How does a brine type block ice machine work?

01. Water feeder
02. Water feeding gadget
03. Can dump
04. Thaw tank
05. Agitator
06. Ice can
07. Crane
08. Coil evaporator
09. Brine tank
10. Guiding rail
11. Compressor unit
12. Electric control box

* The diagram of brine system block ice machine working principle

As shown, when compressor unit (11) starts to run, refrigerant enters into coil evaporator (08) and begins evaporating. Brine water in brine tank (09) is circulated by agitator (05), then flow through coil evaporator (08). After water temperature decreases, it contacts with the outer surface of ice cans (06) and absorbs the heat of water in ice cans. Thus, all the water in the ice cans will be freeze until freezing point. The water after exchanged heat will be delivered by agitator to coil evaporator to be cooled down again, which forms a brine water circulation. In certain time, all the water in the ice cans will turn into block ice.

The crane (07) will move on guiding rail (10) and hoist a row of ice cans (06) down into the ice thaw tank (04). Normal temperature water in thaw tank will melt the outside surface of ice can, so the ice surface thaws and gets separate from ice cans.

The compressor unit (11) can control brine tank temperature by electric control box (12). When the temperature increases, the compressor unit starts to work; when it reaches to the set temperature, the compressor unit stops to work.

Specification of Linsky Brine Type Block Ice Machine
Model Capacity Refrigerant Operating Power Install Power Operating weight Dimension
LIB-10B 1ton/day R22/R404A 4.2kw 5kw 1560kg L4020×W1437×H2871mm
LIB-20B 2ton/day R22/R404A 9.2kw 12kw 2015kg L4698×W1437×H2871mm
LIB-30B 3ton/day R22/R404A 13.5kw 16kw 2788kg L5419×W1437×H2871mm
LIB-50B 5ton/day R22/R404A 20.15kw 24kw Ice Machine: 3750kg L8756XW2242XH2900mm
Cooling Tower: 460kg ∅1380xH2170mm
LIB-100B 10ton/day R22/R404A 37.6kw 48kw Ice Machine: 6340kg L12374×W2242×H2900mm
Cooling Tower: 670kg ∅2000xH2410mm
LIB-150B 15ton/day R22/R404A 57.85kw 72kw Unit: 2080kg L2000XW1410XH1640mm
Brine Tank: 5500kg L10824XW2242XH1070mm
Cooling Tower: 1120kg ∅2175xH2565mm
LIB-200B 20ton/day R22/R404A 86.5kw 100kw Unit: 2400kg L2500XW1950XH1660mm
#1 Brine Tank: 4300kg L7716XW2242XH1070mm
#2 Brine Tank: 4300kg L7716XW2242XH1070mm
Cooling Tower: 1300kg ∅2650xH2645mm
LIB-250B 25ton/day R22/R404A 96.84kw 118kw Unit: 3200kg L2700XW2200XH2191mm
#1 Brine Tank: 5000kg L9270XW2242XH1070mm
#2 Brine Tank: 5000kg L9270XW2242XH1070mm
Cooling Tower: 1630kg ∅3050xH2780mm
LIB-300B 30ton/day R22/R404A 118kw 150kw Unit: 3500kg L2700XW2200XH2191mm
#1 Brine Tank: 5500kg L10824XW2242XH1070mm
#2 Brine Tank: 5500kg L10824XW2242XH1070mm
Cooling Tower:2730kg ∅3300xH2785mm
Standard condition: dry bulb temperature is 35℃ and inlet water temperature is 25℃.

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