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  • Linsky large capacity plate ice machine ranges from 15 to 40 tonne per day;
  • Split type modular design, composed of compressor condenser module, evaporator module and cooling system module;
  • Use one or multiple units of Bitzer screw compressor with economizer. Easy installation on-site. Just connect the refrigeration tubes, water pipes and electrical among three modules.;
  • Customization can be made according to client’s different requirements.

Note: Click the model number for details.

Model Capacity Refrigerant Operating Power Install Power Operating weight Dimension
LIP-150 15ton/day R22/R404A 50kw 65kw Unit: 1400kg L2000×W1400×H1700mm
Evaporator: 1750kg L3123×W2150×H2350mm
Cooling Tower: 1120kg Ф2175x2565mm
LIP-200 20ton/day R22/R404A 80kw 98kw Unit: 2100kg L2500×W1950×H1723mm
Evaporator: 2650kg L3843×W2150×H2450mm
Cooling Tower: 1300kg Ф2650x2645mm
LIP-240 24ton/day R22/R404A 108kw 125kw Unit:2560kg L2700×W2200×H2191mm
Evaporator: 3450kg L4403×W2150×H2450mm
Cooling Tower: 1300kg Ф2650x2565mm
LIP-300 30ton/day R22/R404A 119kw 145kw Unit: 2560kg L2700×W2200×H2191mm
Evaporator: 3860kg L5562×W2150×H2490mm
Cooling Tower: 1630kg Ф3050x2780mm
LIP-400 40ton/day R22/R404A 181.3kw 208kw Unit: 2850kg L3300×W2200×H2200mm
#1 Evaporator: 2650kg L3843×W2150×H2450mm
#2 Evaporator: 2650kg L3843×W2150×H2450mm
Cooling Tower: 2730kg Ф3300x2785mm
Standard condition: dry bulb temperature is 35℃ and inlet water temperature is 25℃.
Brief Introduction

Information and data of plate ice plant have been collected and analyzed to be used for the product development and design improvement to suit the working condition.

  • Power supply: standard electrical is 380V/3P/50Hz, we accept different electrical. Please inform us the change when place the order;
  • Configuration: Bitzer compressor, Danfoss valves, Siemens PLC, Schneider Electrical etc world famous brand components. Neat and simple operation design makes it hassel-free machine;
  • Refrigerant: R22, R404a, R507A;
  • Ice maker freezing surface: aluminum alloy or stainless steel available;

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