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  • Linsky direct system block ice machine uses aluminum alloy plate evaporator instead of traditional cooling media“brine”to make ice. Ice and refrigerant conduct heat transfer directly through aluminum alloy plate. In this way, machine can harvest ice within shorter time and effectively increase ice making efficiency and meanwhile, more energy is saving;
  • All parts of Linsky direct system block ice machine which contact with water are made of SUS304 or aluminum alloy material. The produced ice is clean and hygiene, complying with HACCP certification requirement. Ice could be eaten directly.
Aluminum Direct Type Block Ice Machine Features
  • Adopts latest technology, no need of brine tank;
  • Aerospace aluminum alloy 6063-T5, high heat transfer coefficient, high strength and robust evaporator by enhanced welding technology;
  • Direct heat exchange between the water and refrigerant in aluminum evaporator brings higher ice making efficiency, thus ice forms 1.5 times faster than ordinary ice machine which uses brine water;
  • Easy-to-operate screw rod lifting mechanism gets feedback from the distance sensor which can realize more precise and safe control;
  • Passive reservoir control method applied to specify precise liquid supply, which increases ice making efficiency and system reliability;
  • Automatic water adding function by back type liquid level control technology;
  • Silicone foam seal avoids evaporator dripping problem;
  • Unique refrigeration system, using hot gas defrost technology makes easier and automatic ice harvest;
  • Integrated modular design facilitates installation and maintenance on the spot;
  • Food grade manufacturing process, totally complies with food standard;
  • Warranty period
Complete Package 12~15 months
Compressor 3 years
Evaporator 3 years
Condenser 3 years
Cooling Tower 15 months
How Does Aluminum Direct Type Block Ice Machine Work?

01: Steel frame
02: Ice filling plate with lifting mechanism
03. Lock handle
04. Aluminum evaporator
05. Water feeding pipe
06. Ice grid
07. Refrigerant outlet
08. Refrigerant runner
09. Refrigerant inlet
10. Liquid discharge tube
11. Liquid supply tube
12. Gas return tube
13. Speed reducer for lifting mechanism

14. Wire rope

* The diagram of aluminum direct system block ice machine working principle

As shown, Ice filling plate (02) will be elevated by wire rope (14) which is driven by speed reducer (13). Lift up the filling plate to be fastened in the lock handle (03) and get the whole aluminum alloy plate evaporator (04) sealed. Add water into the ice grid (06) automatically through water feeding pipes (05). At the bottom of all ice grid there is a 5mm space ensures water can flow through each ice can. When water reaches to the standard level, it will stop to continue to add water automatically.

Refrigeration system starts to run after water adding process. Refrigerant flows into the refrigerant runner (08) of aluminum evaporator (04) from refrigerant inlet (09) and exchanges heat with water in ice grid to lower the water temperature.

In a certain time, all the water in ice can will turn into block ice. At this time, refrigeration system switches to ice defrost mode. Hot gas enters into gas return tube (12) and becomes fluid in refrigerant runner (08), then back through liquid discharge tube (10) to the dry evaporator.

Hot gas defrosts ice surface and separates them from ice grid. At this time, refrigeration system stops to work. Speed reducer for lifting mechanism (13) drives wire rope to lower ice lifting plate to the bottom place of steel frame (01). The ice on filling plate can be manually moved away or the whole plate be taken away by forklift for swift and labor-free ice shift.

The Specification of Linsky Aluminum Direct Type Block Ice Machine
Model Capacity Refrigerant Operating Power Install Power Operating weight Dimension
LIB-10D 1ton/day R22/R404A 4.2kw 5.4kw 950kg L2455XW935XH2018mm
LIB-20D 2ton/day R22/R404A 7.2kw 9kw 1460kg L4549XW1104XH1881mm
LIB-30D 3ton/day R22/R404A 11.8kw 13.8kw 2280kg L4300XW2100XH2050mm
LIB-50D 5ton/day R22/R404A 18.9kw 24.2kw Unit:960kg L2500XW1400XH1450mm
Evaporator:2260kg L2910XW1855XH1900mm
Cooling Tower:460kg ∅1380XH2170mm
LIB-100D 10ton/day R22/R404A 34.8kw 46.4kw Unit:1680kg L1800XW1600XH1800mm
Evaporator:3750kg L5566XW1355XH2300mm
Cooling Tower:670kg ∅2000XH2410mm
LIB-150D 15ton/day R22/R404A 57.8kw 73kw Unit:2580kg L2270XW2170XH2200mm
Evaporator:4680kg L6520XW2170XH2420mm
Cooling Tower:1120kg ∅2175XH2565mm
LIB-200D 20ton/day R22/R404A 72kw 96kw Unit:2880kg L3080XW2140XH2460mm
Evaporator:6540kg L8385XW2145XH2480mm
Cooling Tower:1300kg ∅2650XH2645mm
LIB-250D 25ton/day R22/R404A 88.3kw 120kw Unit:3750kg L3080XW2140XH2460mm
Evaporator:7560kg L10195XW2160XH2741mm
Cooling Tower:1630kg ∅3050XH2780mm
LIB-300D 30ton/day R22/R404A 118kw 145kw Unit:4135kg L3780XW2140XH2460mm
Evaporator:9840kg L11890XW2160XH2741mm
Cooling Tower:2730kg ∅3300XH2785mm
Standard condition: dry bulb temperature is 35℃ and inlet water temperature is 25℃.

Note: Click the model number for details.

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