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For easy transport and moving, Linsky supply containerized type block ice machine. All parts are made of 3D simulation assembly and perfectly loaded in ISO shipping container. It easily realizes the function of selling ice by mobile ice plant because it is very convenient for the client to install and move the plant. Linsky containerized block ice dimension and weight varies to change, so we only provides part of commonly used standard models.

Containerized Type Block Ice Machine
Model Capacity Refrigerant Operating Power Install Power Operating weight Dimension
LIB-30BC 3ton/day R22/R404A 13.5 16 3900 L6058XW2438XH2591
LIB-50BC 5ton/day R22/R404A 20.15 24 5600 L6058XW2438XH2591
LIB-100BC 10ton/day R22/R404A 37.6 48 8680 L12192XW2438XH2896
LIB-30DC 3ton/day R22/R404A 11.8 13.8 4480 L6058XW2438XH2591
LIB-50DC 5ton/day R22/R404A 18.9 24.2 5210 L6058XW2438XH2591
LIB-100DC 10ton/day R22/R404A 34.8 46.4 7520 L12192XW2438XH2896
LIB-150DC 15ton/day R22/R404A 57.8 73 8600 L12192XW2438XH2896
LIB-200DC 20ton/day R22/R404A 72 96 9660 L12192XW2438XH2896
Standard condition: dry bulb temperature is 35℃ and inlet water temperature is 25℃.

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Brief Introduction

Linsky containerized system block machine could use water, air or evaporative cooling method. As the advanced ice defrosting technology mastered, though the ice harvesting temperature is unconstrained specific to different cooling ways, the maximum ice defrosting time will not take more than 20 minutes.

Linsky usually adopts brand new 20 feet or 40 feet high container, the applicable ice production range is listed below:

Ice Weight Aluminum Direct Brand New 20'GP Aluminum Direct Brand New 40'HQ Brine Brand New 20'GP Brine Brand New 40'HQ
5kg 8T/Day N/A 8T/Day N/A
10kg 10T/Day N/A 8T/Day N/A
15kg 6T/Day 20T/Day 4.6T/Day 15T/Day
20kg 6T/Day 20T/Day 4.6T/Day 15T/Day
25kg 6T/Day 20T/Day 4T/Day 15T/Day
30kg 6T/Day 20T/Day 4T/Day 12T/Day
50kg 4T/Day 12T/Day 3T/Day 10T/Day

*The chart of containerized block ice machine capacity range

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