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  • To realize easy move, Linsky provides containerized type flake ice machine, also called mobile flake ice plant;
  • Linsky can provide customized containerized flake ice machine respond to different power supply, refrigerant and daily capacity requirement;
  • Widely applied in concrete cooling, fishery and food processing, artificial skiing ground, dye chemical industry etc.
Specification of Containerized Type Flake Ice Machine
Model Capacity Refrigerant Operating Power Install Power Operating weight Dimension
LIF-50C 5ton/day R22/R404A 17.55kw 20.8kw 5815kg L6058×W2438×H2591mm
LIF-80C 8ton/day R22/R404A 23.55kw 28kw 7000kg L6058×W2438×H2591mm
LIF-100C 10ton/day R22/R404A 32.25kw 41kw 7500kg L6058×W2438×H2591mm
LIF-150C 15ton/day R22/R404A 48.75kw 58kw 8000kg L6058×W2438×H2591mm
LIF-200C 20ton/day R22/R404A 58.55kw 78kw 12000kg L6058×W2438×H2591mm
LIF-250C 25ton/day R22/R404A 76.55kw 92kw 13500kg L6058×W2438×H2591mm
LIF-300C 30ton/day R22/R404A 100.5kw 122kw 15000kg L12192×W2438×H2896mm
LIF-400C 40ton/day R22/R404A 145.65kw 178kw 16000kg L12192×W2438×H2896mm
LIF-500C 50ton/day R22/R404A 171.8kw 225kw 17000kg L12192×W2438×H2896mm
Standard condition: dry bulb temperature is 35℃ and inlet water temperature is 25℃.

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Brief Introduction

Linsky containerized flake ice machine is specially designed to fit in 20 feet container and 40 feet container. The containerized ice machine is usually combined to use with containerized automatic ice storage and ice conveyor system to realize an easy mobile flake ice plant. It simplifies transport, installation and commissioning process, as compressor, condenser, electrical control cabinet, evaporator and other assembled accessories are fixed, pre-piped and wired in the container, all you need to do is prepare water source and electricity;

We provide the following chart for you to better understand how our containerized flake ice machine composed of.

Capacity Container Type Remark
5 Ton/Day 20 feet Integral
8 Ton/Day 20 feet Integral
10 Ton/Day 20 feet Integral
15 Ton/Day 20 feet Integral
20 Ton/Day 20 feet cooling system installed outside
25 Ton/Day 20 feet cooling system installed outside
20 Ton/Day 40 feet Integral
25 Ton/Day 40 feet Integral
15*2 Ton/Day 40 feet Integral, dual systems
20*2 Ton/Day 40 feet cooling system installed outside, dual systems
25*2 Ton/Day 40 feet cooling system installed outside, dual systems

*The chart of containerized flake ice machine

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