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  • Linsky small capacity tube ice machine is compact and space-saving. Its evaporator and compressor unit are installed on the steel frame, so it is easy to install and transport;
  • There are 5 standard models in Linsky small capacity tube ice machine category;
  • Customization can be made according to client's different requirements.
Small Capacity Tube Ice Machine Specifications
Model Capacity Refrigerant Operating Power Install Power Operating weight Dimension
LIT-10A 1000kg/day R22/R404A 4.5kw 6kw 650kg L1320×W950×H1800mm
LIT-30A 3000kg/day R22/R404A 9.2kw 15kw 895kg L2250×W1550×H2180mm
LIT-50A 5000kg/day R22/R404A 14.5kw 20kw 1650kg L3000×W1600×H2200mm
LIT-30W 3000kg/day R22/R404A 9kw 15kw 795kg L1550×W925×H2180mm
LIT-50W 5000kg/day R22/R404A 14kw 20kw 1560kg L1600×W1200×H2180mm

Standard condition: dry bulb temperature is 35℃ and inlet water temperature is 25℃.

Note: Click the model number for details.

Brief Introduction

Linsky small capacity tube ice machine can be classified into two types:

Small capacity air-cooled tube ice machine

Air-cooled condenser can be placed outdoor or be assembled with tube ice machine unit. It depends on customer's need.

We called outdoor condenser type as split-type ice machine, and the other type which all parts installed on the steel frame is called integral type.

The advantage of split type lies in its good cooling effect. This type will not increase the indoor temperature and tube ice machine will be running normally. However, refrigeration pipe connection is needed and pipeline airtight and evacuation test shall be conducted at the preliminary install stage. Besides, refrigerant shall be added. Therefore, the installation of split-type ice machine should be conducted by Linsky professional refrigeration technician.

Integral tube ice machine can be put into use without extra pipe connection work. But this type of condenser will constantly generate heat inside the door and influence the inside door temperature. You could count on this type of machine if you have good ventilation condition.

It is suggested to use split-type machine if ice production exceeds 3 ton/day.

Small capacity water-cooled tube ice machine

Cooling Tower

All small type water-cooled tube ice machines are designed as integral type.

Water in the cooling tower is delivered by pump into condenser. The temperature goes high after it exchanges heat with refrigerant. Then the high temperature water is delivered back to the top of cooling tower for cooling. The cooled water recycled to the sunk below and be used again.

In the process of heat dissipation, some water will be evaporated into the air. Hence, cooling tower needs constant water supply when ice machine is running.

Cooling tower usually be placed at outside ventilation place. Some water and vapor will be ejected out around of the cooling tower. So please pay attention to its environment when install it.

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