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  • Linsky mini tube ice machine is for home or commercial use. Single phase power adopted, there are 8 standard models which ice production ranges from 50~500kg for you to choose;
  • Linsky commercial capacity tube ice maker use integral design, convenient to install and ready to use after water and power plug in. Linsky tube ice is more transparent, clean and round. Its refrigeration system is highly efficient, even in the high temperature area, ice production can be guaranteed and get less influence from the high temperature. It is the best choice to replace traditional cube ice;
Commercial Tube Ice Machine Specifications
Model Capacity Refrigerant Operating Power Install Power Operating weight Dimension
LIT-50KA 50kg/day R22/R404A 400w 500w 50kg W700×D750×H1250 mm
LIT-100KA 100kg/day R22/R404A 600w 750w 75kg W700×D750×H1250 mm
LIT-150KA 150kg/day R22/R404A 800w 1000w 95kg W700×D750×H1250 mm
LIT-200KA 200kg/day R22/R404A 900w 1200w 100kg W500×D800×H1830 mm
LIT-250KA 250kg/day R22/R404A 1150w 1500w 125kg W760×D800×H1750 mm
LIT-300KA 300kg/day R22/R404A 1300w 1700w 145kg W760×D800×H1750 mm
LIT-400KA 400kg/day R22/R404A 1800w 2400w 165kg W760×D860×H2050 mm
LIT-500KA 500kg/day R22/R404A 2150w 2800w 168kg W760×D860×H2050 mm
Standard condition: dry bulb temperature is 35℃ and inlet water temperature is 25℃.

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Brief Introduction

Linsky commercial capacity tube ice machine is our latest developed product by advanced technology, it is more energy saving, eco-friendly and high efficient than the commercial cube ice machine.

Linsky provides the following three specifications of tube ice in commercial category:

  • Type 1: external diameter 29mm, internal diameter 6-16mm, length 35-45mm;
  • Type 2: external diameter 25mm, internal diameter 2-12mm, length 25-35mm;
  • Type 3: external diameter 19mm, internal diameter 2-10mm, length 20-30mm;

Linsky commercial tube ice machines are widely used in hotels, restaurants, bars, fast-food shops, 7-11 and cold drink shops, etc. It is also can made as smoothie after crushed.

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