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Screw ice conveyor system

The screw conveying system is suitable for short distance ice transport and also economical on cost. It can work simultaneously with maximum of two operation points. Linsky provides hot dipped galvanized or stainless steel screw conveyors in open-through and in tube execution. Even, the maximum length of each screw conveyor can reach 20m. Linsky can offer the ice conveyor unit with different delivery distance and capacity by combination of several screw conveyors.

  1. Conveyor screw
  2. Coupling bolts
  3. Hangers and bearings
  4. Trough ends
  5. Troughs, covers, clamps and shrouds
  6. U-shape flange
  7. Discharge spouts

Specification of screw ice conveyor system

Model Delivery capacity(MT/Hr.) Max delivery distance(m) Max obliquity Delivery method
LIS-10 10 50 60℃ Screw conveyor
LIS-15 15 50 50℃ Screw conveyor
LIS-20 20 50 45℃ Screw conveyor
Blowing ice conveyor system

The blowing ice conveyor system is specially designed to meet the requirements of delivery over long distance. It is an ideal solution for transporting ice to several batching plants. It consists of a rotary air lock valve and a low-pressure large-capacity blower, which transports the ice by air through pipe lines to a rotary feeder of the mixer or to the ice storage bin, from which the ice is moved to a weighing device.

The blowing ice conveyor system can ensure the conveyed ice dry and meet sanitary standards. The transport distance can be accordingly adjusted and the max conveyance capacity is 30 ton per hour. Besides, the ice is not liable to be jammed during conveying.

How Does It Work?
A: Roots Blower
  It can produce high pressure high speed air current and this strong air can push ice to a very far distance.
B: Silencer of Roots Blower
  Reduce noise.
C: Air Cooler
  Cool down the compressed air from 55℃ to 3℃ which keeps ice dry and not melt easily in delivery process.
D: Airlock Rotary Valve
  Ensure no outer air enter into ice hopper that ice could mix with the air current of high pressure high speed low temperate in the pipe line.
F: Shunt Valve
  It is driven by reducer and control ice to different ice delivery pipes lines.
G: Ice Delivery Pipe Line
  High strength, low temperature resistance PE or PPR pipes ensures its flexibility and smoothness. Reduce the resistance to its ice delivery and will not deform in low temperature condition.

Specification of blow ice conveyor system

Model Delivery capacity(MT/Hr.) Max horizontal delivery distance(m) Hose diameter(mm)
LIA-2 2 200 100
LIA-3 3 200 100
LIA-5 5 200 100
LIA-6 6 200 100
LIA-10 10 200 100
LIA-12 12 200 100
LIA-15 15 180 125
LIA-18 18 160 125
LIA-20 20 160 180
LIA-25 25 150 180
LIA-30 30 150 180

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