Round Type
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Round Ice Machine Features

Round Ice Specification

  • Medium Round Ice Size: 35*42*42mm
  • Large Round Ice Size: 45*55*55mm

Spray type ice making principle

Water freezes while flows, only the purest water turns into ice, almost 100% of impurity are gone;

Crystal, hard, beautiful and not easy to melt

Ideal for Whisky, Vodka, Cocktail, Wine and other drinks;

Full enclosure design for sanitary ice

Utilize high quality SUS304 and ABS material, reach to food grade standard;

Used as ice cup

LIR-85 large round ice can be used as ice cup and optimum for luxury bar;

Automatic PLC control

PLC ensures a 24 hours automatic running, automatic detection and with disturbance informs function;

Air filter device

Installed in front of compressor ventilating pane, easy to fetch and clean;

Front suction and discharge of air

Even in small place or high temperature condition, machine can normal running.

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