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Specification of Cube Ice Machine LIC-4000

  • Daily Output (KGS/24h): 1710
  • Compressor: Tecumseh (France)
  • Expanding Valve: Danfoss (Denmark)
  • Dry Filter: Danfoss (Denmark)
  • Cooling Fan: EBM (Germany)
  • Water Pump: Morrill (USA)
  • Solenoid Valves: Saginomiya (Japan)
  • Hydraulic Valve: Saginomiya (Japan)
  • PLC: Hisakage (China)
  • Cooling Mode: Air/Water Cooling
  • Bin Capacity (KG): 385
  • Refrigerant: R404A
  • Total Power (W): 8000
  • Power Supply: 3P/380V/50
  • Size (L×D×H): 1220*860*2695 mm

Products Features

  • 10% ice production higher than ordinary ice machine
  • Freezing process without drainage, water saving compared with the same 30% of the machine
  • Advanced noise reduction technology, quiet running of ice machine
  • Front air filter, easy to clean and extend service life
  • Utilize high quality SUS304 and ABS material, stylish shape but solid and reliable
  • The use of imported high quality components, in line with European CE and American UL, NSF certification

Performance Parameters

Note: Actual Production= Theory Production×WT×AT

Linsky ice machine production will be affected by environment. The main factors are ambient temperature and water inlet temperature. Based on long term actual experiment, Linsky records precise experiment data and conclude chart WT and AT.

When water inlet temperature exceeds 30℃, it is suggested to pre-cool the water by chiller.
When ambient temperature exceeds 45℃, it is suggested to use water-cooled condenser or tailor made your machine.


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