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  • Adopts frequency converter control high pressure, running without ambient temperature influence;
  • Use hot Freon gas to make ice fall off fast with the whole process takes only 150 seconds;
  • Food grade ice machine certified by CE;
  • Linsky patented water route technology effectively makes ice clean and crystal;
  • Evaporator uses SUS304 material which completely conforms with sanitary requirement;
  • Specialized heat treatment processing technology makes the best use of heat conductibility;
  • High efficiency, secure, energy saving, durable and Eco-friendly.

Specification of Tube Ice Machine LIT-250W

Item Specification Unit
Power supply 380V/3P/50Hz Voltage/Phase/Frequency
Refrigerant R22/R404A
Daily capacity 25MT/day
Cooling mode Water-cooled
Standard condition Ambient temperature 35
Water inlet temperature 25
Operating power Compressor 71.7 kw
Cooling tower fan 1.5 kw
Cold water pump 4 kw
Ice cutter 1.5 kw
Average total 75 kw
Total install power 100 kw
Compressor Refrigeration capacity 187.8 kw
Condensing temperature 42
Evaporating temperature -10
COP. 2.62 kw/kw
Horse power 40*3 HP
Compressor module dimension Net weight 2690 Kg
Size 3000×2200×2500 (L×W×H)(mm)
Evaporator module dimension Net weight 2750 Kg
Size 2000×1800×5575 (L×W×H)(mm)
Water supply pressure requirement 1~6 bar
Cooling tower dimension Model LBCM-50 N/A
Operating weight 1120 kg
Size ∅2175*2565 (O.D.×H)(mm)
Parts info Compressor Bitzer, Germany
Cooling tower Liangji,Taiwan
Expansion valve ALCO, United States
Stop valve DANFOSS, Denmark
Solenoid valve DANFOSS, Denmark
Filter ALCO, United States
Button/indicator Schneider, France
Electrical Schneider, France

Note: Actual Production= Theory Production×WT×AT

Linsky ice machine production will be affected by environment. The main factors are ambient temperature and water inlet temperature. Based on long term actual experiment, Linsky records precise experiment data and conclude chart WT and AT.

When water inlet temperature exceeds 30℃, it is suggested to pre-cool the water by chiller.
When ambient temperature exceeds 45℃, it is suggested to use water-cooled condenser or tailor made your machine.

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