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Specification of Round Ice Machine LIR-85

  • -Daily Output (KGS/24h): 35
  • -Compressor: Aspera (Italy)
  • -Expanding Valve: Danfoss (Denmark)
  • -Dry Filter: Danfoss (Denmark)
  • -Cooling Fan: EBM (Germany)
  • -Water Pump: Morrill (USA)
  • -Solenoid Valves: Saginomiya (Japan)
  • -Hydraulic Valve: Saginomiya (Japan)
  • -Cooling Mode: Air Cooling
  • -Bin Capacity (KG): 20
  • -Refrigerant: R134a/R22
  • -Total Power (W): 320
  • -Power Supply: 1P/220V/50
  • -Size (L×D×H): 500×530×800 mm

Products Features

  • Spray type ice machine, using special filtering system that allows easy plug in devices, low failure rate;
  • Compact structure, small space required;
  • Front air filter, easy to clean and prolong service time;
  • Ice using injection technology, ice pure, transparent, high hardness, not easy to melt;
  • Utilize high quality SUS304 and ABS material, stylish shape but solid and reliable
  • The use of imported high quality components, in line with European CE and American UL, NSF certification

Performance Parameters


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